Yeah crop circles are cool…but check out this Japanese rice field art


Rice field art in the country of the rising sun. Each year these guys make new images on their field by planting rice in different patterns making various images. They use different sorts of rice for color. The result is amazing as you can see. It’s a pity they only last as long as it’s time to harvest the rice.




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  • I love a skeptic. I don’t care for the emotional attacks on the people who put forward their ideas–right or wrong. I am now fairly convinced this is a Japanese cultural tradition that has been going on for some years. I’ve been deceived by digital manipulation in the past, but on the other hand, man has gone to the moon even though a tiny few believe its a deception. For those who still think it is photoshopped, try a search for other sites on “Japanese rice field art”; especially the daily mirror in the UK which also includes time lapse photography.

  • Dont really see the point of the comparison with crop circles in the title. these are totally different form of artwork, and, apart from being in a field, there is nothing similarity to crop circles.

  • Just shut up and enjoy the artwork, Mina.

  • Anonymous

    Shopp’d, I can see the pixels

  • How many posts have you entered that into? Thats almost as lame as saying “First”.

  • RE Anon

    Of course you can see pixels, you’re staring at a computer screen, dolt.

  • “Shopp’d, I can see the pixels”

    And we can see you’re an i****. Just do a search on YouTube for the rice art. It’s real, dum****. You should stfu if you can’t appreciate things like this.

  • To Anonymous

    You can see pixels because you’re looking at a computer screen………

  • Jeremy


    “Shopped, everyone.

    And to you people stating “Oh my god, no, it would be too hard”. Well, obviously it’s not done from scratch. These “rice-paintings” probably exist, but they have been made nicer with Photoshop.”

    There, fixed that for you.

    Isn’t that what Photoshop is for? Do you actually believe that belittling people proves your point? Or swearing makes you sound though? Do yourself a favor, leave out the explicatives and you will sound much more intelligent.

  • blastercast

    Don, Anon is just being a troll, and you’re a lowtard for not realizing it.

  • No duh

    You know it’s ‘shopped because you can see pixels? All digital images are made of pixels. If you’re looking at an image on a computer you’re looking at pixels. Doesn’t mean it’s not real.

  • I love the Japanese. It seems to be in their blood to do this kind of thing. I’ve never seen anything like this in person but I’ve seen some breathtaking Japanese gardens and therefore have no problem believing that these fields are real. As for being ‘shopped’ I doubt these are photo-edited but I know that it could be done. I don’t consider myself an expert but I know enough to know that I could create something like this using Photoshop or Gimp in a couple of hours. I would take an image of a plain rice field, create a new layer on top with an outline of the image I wanted to create, make a separate image for each color I’d be using. Select the outline, selection to path, cut out an identical selection from the “backgroud” rice field, then simply clone in rice field sections of whatever color from disparate areas, creating additional selections and layers as needed, use a little scatter here and there. For the up close photos I might just make about 10-20 different rice-plant stamps and just stamp them into the photo, then touch them up and tweak them a little using perspective, scale, and warping tools to make them look even more unique. That said, it’s asinine to visit a photo blog and just say “shopped”. Really, you are a douche bag because no one can tell if an image like this has been created, or if it’s a true exposure just by looking at it. FYI Anonymous, all images on your computer are made of pixels, you ass-hat.

  • You know whats almost as annoying as people saying “Its photoshopped”???

    People bashing them for saying it… Just ignore the ignorance, anything otherwise is simply futile…

  • Anon? srsly?

    You think it’s shoop’d because? Seriously, it wouldn’t be that hard to do something like this. Just a bit of effort and work, Which I don’t expect any anon to ever know what the definitions of work and effort are, I’m just kinda hoping. I’m also not saying that it can’t be shoop’d, but just because you, anon, couldn’t be bothered to do something, doesn’t mean other people might not. gb2 4chan, newfag

  • Mahadevan

    There is a greater argument about whether the pics are shopped or not rather than doing a little research on the art form itself.

    If thats the case then my vote goes for “Not shopped.”

    Might be shopped to enhance the picture quality but the art form is real.

    The fields are very inspiring. Fell like taking a trip to the fields in my brand new car Mahindra xylo … What fun would that be.

  • ShelbieGT500

    personally, i love the people who claim ‘shopped’ because…reading all these ignorant complaints is funny. Everybody gets so worked up by the “shopped” guy…haven’t any of you figured this out yet? or do you just plan on arguing with it your whole life? by all means, keep being ignorant. most of these comments are already off topic anyway.

  • HHiro

    These pics are from 17th Japanese rice field art festival in Inakakadate, Aomori, Japan.

    Inakadate village Official web site:

  • I’m still curious, does it matter when the rice is harvested that it’s different kinds of rice?

  • I love the first one, the Samurai. Really cool!

  • Is that shopped? I saw something ostentatious on, which reminds me of it.

  • Holy cow! They look awesome, but I don’t know if they are real. Nowadays people forgot about damn common-sense and they try to delude and deceive people.

    I would love to see them in reality anyway it’s a great prestige of the art.

    Have Fun and Keep It Real!

  • That’s the damage done by trolls, and why people should avoid replying to idiots. Some inflammatory banter has thrown the conversation away from the work these artist have completed on an impressive scale.
    Totally cool!

  • Ectara

    Hold on, let me be another person who does not read all the posts above me before opening my mouth: “Of course you can see the pixels, you are looking at a screen!”

    Mmm, sounds even funnier the nth time. Don’t reiterate what’s already been said.

  • Very great works of art! Must be a very painstaking project, but worthwhile when you can enjoy the rice images.

  • Laughing Is Fun

    Oh how lovely, all these people freaking about one or two doubters ^_^ It makes me tickle inside and feel that warm glowing feeling you get when you see people being idiots to eachother 😀

  • I’ve been to Japan, and i saw one of these rice arts in a field, it was amazing.. They ARE real.. really.

  • If this is real then these rice fields are truly incredible.

  • A Ponder

    @ Heather,

    You’re kidding me, right?

    There are only three images up there that are closeups and those would have taken more time to manipulate. However, those images are all from the same Samurai and it may be that that particular design is real as I can’t see anyone spending the time to edit that much detail unless it were for a design project for school.

    By the way, I forgot to mention the extraction tool earlier, which would make pulling out those individual blades a snap if one were so inclined.

    However,leaving aside the Samurai, the majority of the other images don’t show closeups and they do not appear to be natural creations. The angles of the overlays as related to the angle the shots were taken just don’t mesh up.

    So, my conclusions, Samurai is probably real, Napolean, I’m not sure, the ducks, not sure, they pale next to the rest anyway, the lovers, definately shopped.

    I maintain my previous claim that ‘some’ and not all are shopped. Let’s get the bugs out of our britches eh.

  • Wow, This simply amazing Stuff! Hats of to the Japanese

  • Stop arguing and enjoy the art! Thanks to Hiro for the tip. Don’t believe? Here:

    1. It’s in the village of Inakadate, in Aomori Prefecture, Japan. Here’s the Wikipedia page:,_Aomori . The village has fewer than 10,000 residents and is famous only for the rice paddy art.

    2. The village’s official website is here. If you can’t read Japanese, click the pictures and you can find your way to more pictures of the action. The pic on the main page shows villagers helping to plant the design for the annual Rice Paddy Art festival: .

    3. Here’s the time-lapse video of the growing art: .

    4. Finally, here’s an article about the village and the art, in the Japan Times, a completely reputable publication: .

    Now go enjoy it!

  • ninja

    It’s just hard to swallow that this wasn’t made by white people but instead people of another race: ASIANS.

    If it was made in Europe by white men, who would doubt it? I mean they are the same people who believe in Harry Potter and Superman.

    Ninjas are real and so are these art work.

  • I think they are beautiful. I also think that they are real. My heavens people can do most anything if they really what to,but some are so lazy they don’t want to give others credit for a job well done.

  • These crop circles are an incredable work of art & imagination!!!

  • Crop Circles motivated me to check out this link. I don’t know what, if anything, this beautiful material has to do with crop circles. Thank you.

  • princessdihard

    You people are morons. There is no need to search for rice art on wiki.
    Search for the “shopped joke”.

  • Citizen Zombie

    You know what’s even more annoying than going onto a photo forum, and only typing “shopped?” Six hundred people responding to the same idiot, who clearly had no intention of returning to the site to read your comments. Did anyone bother to notice that?

    Bandwagon riders are also annoying, like Sean, who proceeded to give us a mini-photoshop tutorial on how he could “create something like this using Photoshop or Gimp in a couple of hours.”

    I have an idea. Can’t we just enjoy the photos?

  • These angry comments are more pleasureable than the pictures 😀

  • This is Photoshopped ,no doubt about it !!

  • yeah thats shopped. i can see the lines aren’t smooth.

    you faggots should try some real internet surfing one day. if you all think anonymous is serious, you should not be allowed on the internet. your local police deparment has been alerted, and all your internet accessing devices will be confiscated within the next 5 working days.

  • G W Bush

    Aliens, it has to be! I think this proves it for once and for all!

  • Ignore the trolls and appreciate the art, people.

  • I think what bothers me most with these comments is that Photoshop is a noun, not a verb.

    These are beautiful photographs of some very intricate and clever artwork.

  • ricardo

    lol @ Z. best comment ever.

  • These are pretty cool! lol about the aliens, think it must be aliens, fly billions of minles to give us some art.

  • Plants … God’s crayon box. Never forget that the Earth laughs in flowers … and foliage. Fabulous artwork! Creating pictures with flowers and planting via intricate planting designs is nothing new. Doing such a thing on this huge of a scale is incredible and commendable.

    Thanks for sharing though it is nothing like crop circles. Aliens are not creating crop circles, neither is the military. Who else can read the collective minds of humanity? Maybe some real 2012 information would help you figure that out.

  • HeadPin

    How does the rice taste? I think they are crop circles. There’s some circles in there, that make therm circles in the crops, right? Oh wait some actually believe there a REAL crop circles! Oh now I get it, actual rice field art isn’t in the same league as imaginary Martian made crop circles. That’s it! My uncle Martin will want to hear about this. Gotta go!

    One of the posters here is a complete fool.

    [Insert very clever signature here]


  • Rabbit

    For those who are still in doubt,
    check the you tube videos…

  • people

    Talk about all the work put into this!

  • why would they shop some of them but not others? they’re not shopp’d. these things are amazing and absolutely gorgeous!!


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