25 Extreme Examples of Laziness

It is well known that there are some people who are pretty lazy about everything what they do in life. But, there are some people that is not enough to be called lazy. There are some people who are EXTREMELY lazy.

Look at those photos and mark them well so you wouldn’t make same mistake and become extremely lazy.


In this photos you can see some of such examples. It is really incredible to see that guy is risking his life by not cleaning the all snow from his windshield on his car.




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  • great stuff!! loved the sign!!

  • Gotta love the snow car one!

  • ethan

    that’s just beyond the joke, this just shows how fat people won’t to get. if people won’t to make symple this in life much more symple thay should just get a life or stay in bed and wait to die.

  • whats the worst is that almost all of these are in the US, i’m sure. And we wonder why obesity is a problem.

  • Lukong

    Also the fat lady with the Lawn mower says “Hey instead of taking a picture to make it last long, try and help her” also it says “Even though I am in a scooter I can still do more than a person on 2 legs”

  • Lukong

    but the elevator is funny, makes you think why

  • Lukong

    Let me go CSI on all of you

    -The Armadillo has no tire prints

    -The location of the Armadillo is on the side of the road

    -That means right as the painter went by he or she either run it over on purpose or by mistake

  • Lukong

    Also the picture the mother should be invented an Automobile Strollers one were you don’t have to walk to push your child

    – For those who can’t walk
    – A stop and start button…and so forth

  • Mikky

    Looks like Ethan is demonstrating more by not checking his grammar or spelling at all.

  • Allan

    Love the comcast one, those are HORRIBLE movie descriptions, I would rather have user submitted reviews or something, I am tired of them trying to be “funny” while at the same time giving most of the movie away..

  • marion goodwin

    I don’t have any pictures to share but I have kids and any empty checking account to prove this theory

  • I don’t think that the Asian women in the subway is being lazy. I think those people work their ass off, and have long rides home, little sleep, and they have been coming up with unique inventions to keep their head up while they take a rest. NOT LAZY.. Human survival…bad working conditions

  • rainrain

    the first woman is an amputee taking her niece for a walk the only way that she can. i laughed at these, too, but you should think twice about what you’re posting.

  • bfg666

    Amy’s right, japanese workers are not lazy, they just have a hell of a life…
    I love the Rooster’s board, the elevators to the fitness club and the car on the 40m wide island.

    @rainrain: Amputee? Well, she has two arms, two legs (look closer) and one head. She might lack a brain inside this head, but other than that…

    @Lukong, the CSI wannabe: OF COURSE it has no tire prints, it’s an armadillo! It has a carapace… Try making tire prints on a helmet or a bulletproof vest, you stupid!

  • Nibiru

    hillarious! funniest ones were the road ones…man i dont know what would happen if there were ever 2 be a major catostrophic even that left technology dead 4ever and we all had to convert back 2 the dark ages lol…there would be mass death everywhere


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