Rabbits’ Fashion Week in Photos

Here’s one another weird event that has been held in Japan. It is a rabbit fashion event. Yes this is fashion event where the pretty ladies are not welcome on the scene, this is event where the rabbits are the main stars and they wore some of the latest rabbit-fashion outfits.


This fashion event was held in Yokohama City. You would think that this event wasn’t attracting much attention amongst the audience, but the number of 8.000 viewers who attended this happening is pretty convincing.rabbit fashion (11)

rabbit fashion (9)Straw Hat.

rabbit fashion (8)

Rabbit named Morkovochka with her handbag.

rabbit fashion (7)Love the pink.

rabbit fashion (6)Rabbit-angel.

rabbit fashion (5)

rabbit fashion (4)

And this rabbit has decided to challenge George Michael.

rabbit fashion (3)

Rabbit in costume “schoolgirl-rokershi.

rabbit fashion (2)In the Scottish style

rabbit fashion (1)

Traditional, yet elegant Thai ensemble.

rabbit fashion

The happy bride said “yes.”



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